We have factories in the following locations: Daito City in Osaka, Iga City in Mie Prefecture, Takashima City in Shiga Prefecture, and Katsuragi City in Nara Prefecture. At the Osaka Main Factory, we produce electric blowers and other equipment for industrial use, such as the Mistrésa line. The Iga Factory handles production of large blowers such as the turbo types, as well as all kinds of dust collectors. Production of items such as DC motors, healthcare and medical devices, and nail dust collectors is conducted by the Shiga Factory. The Katsuragi Factory is responsible for manufacturing motors, and Showa Denki Iga Co., Ltd. Osaka Factory produces blowers for the industrial furnace industry.
    Showa Denki has 12 sales bases within Japan, and a further four overseas. We can give you rapid and targeted advice on the optimum blowers and environmental devices for your requirements.