• blower
    We aim to find you the perfect blower from amongst our diverse range and resolve those situations where it doesn’t seem possible to find the optimum blower.
  • environment
    Environment Improvement Equipment
    Creating a clean environment free from mist, dust and fumes. We make it possible to achieve the ideal workplace environment using mist collectors and other high-performance equipment.
  • motor
    Our “one person, one piece production method” enables us to custom-make the motor you want for orders from as little as one motor. We also have the flexibility to work to extremely tight deadlines, so please contact us with your inquiries.
  • terasu
    Health Rehabilitation Equipment
    We offer a wide lineup of healthcare equipment, including the Terasu Erugo, a machine that enables bed-based exercise therapy, and the Terasu Walker, which uses atmospheric pressure to achieve effective and efficient rehabilitation.
  • smartresa
    Nail Dust Collectors
    The Smartresa is an environment improvement device that sucks up nail dust when nails are being done in a salon. Since it uses a hose to suck up dust near the hands, dust does not adhere to hands, clothing or the table, improving the salon environment immensely.
  • engineering
    A Dash of Engineering
    By combining our products flexibly with surrounding equipment, we resolve your “dash of trouble”. We use engineering to create safe, comfortable work spaces.
  • SDG Marine
    Marine Business
    We import and sell bass-fishing boats from the U.S., home of bass fishing. With everything from entry models to high-end models, you are sure to find the ideal option for you.